Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Part 4, The Loverboy Method

Young girls are the main target of pimps, although boys can also be targeted, two out of three of the victims are girls. The victims are lured in by all kinds of methods, but 62% of them are lured into their trap with the “lover boy method.”

Modern Day Slavery - Human Trafficking Part 3

This is my third blog about human trafficking (aka sex trafficking) that is not only a local problem, but a worldwide one, as well. I believe it is such a successful illegal business, surpassing even the illegal drug trade, because of our general lack of education on the subject. Secondly, if there weren’t a demand for the product, it wouldn’t be such a money maker.

Modern Day Slavery - Human Trafficking Part 2

Traffickers are people who employ force, fraud, or coercion to victimize others in their desire to make money. These evil people will stop at nothing to demoralize and destroy the life of the victim. By breaking the victim’s ties to his/her former life, the trafficker gains complete control of them. This is sad because these kids, who are often runaways, were in search of a better life and often find themselves trapped circumstances that are far worse than what they were seeking to escape.

Modern Day Slavery - Human Trafficking Part 1

Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery! Does slavery still exist in this day in time? Just what is human trafficking and sex slavery and who does it affect? As residents in our global society, should we be concerned about this ever growing problem? Sex Slavery is forcing anyone into commercial sex acts.