David Hollier

Agape:  God's Love

All of my life I always thought that love was love. I knew there was difference between the kind of love we have for one another and God and the kind of passionate love between a woman and man. But I never heard of the classifications of love until this past Sunday, when I was asked if I knew what “Agape” was. Then, with the help of Google, I looked into it and found that there are four forms of love which are Storge, Eros, Philos, and Agape.

Hygge:  The Pursuit of Happiness

We all spend our lives chasing happiness. Sometimes we think if we buy the right stuff, we will be happy. Sometimes we think if we love the right people and are loved by them, we will be happy. Sometimes we think if we look or act a certain way, we will be happy. Sometimes we think if we have a successful career, we will be happy. I know it sounds cliché, but happiness is already available to you, inside of you, no matter what your circumstances are.

Letter To Danielle and Billy on the Loss of their Child: Alyssa Clare Young

Please accept my complete and utmost sympathy for you as you grieve the loss of your beautiful daughter Alyssa. I know that the times will be tough for the family, but the togetherness you all have is very special and you all will gather strength from one another. Like the pastor said at Alyssa’s service, “We are all in this together,” and we will be there for you to help you through this.

Who Will Be Sitting Next to You in Heaven?

Have you ever considered that when you die and get to heaven, you may see someone who you would never expect to be there. It could be someone who died by lethal injection for murdering someone. It could be a child molester or anyone else you would never expect to make it to heaven. What about yourself? Have you lived the kind of life that God wanted you to? You might answer, “Well, I’ve never killed anyone or intentionally hurt anyone.” Is that good enough to get you before the Lord?


Class is a five letter word that divides us as people. It sets apart the so called “good people” and the “not so good people.” Is it right? What we, as individuals, define as classy is subjective.

Mind Your Own Business!

Some people in this world are not happy unless they are running the lives of others. These people are normally suffering from low self-esteem. Two words that best describe them are, “control freaks.” They build themselves up by putting you down.

United We Stand; Divided We Fall

“Surprised! Dumbfounded! Angry!” were just a few of the words used to describe what went on last season during all the football games. We, as Americans, aren’t used to seeing professional athletes not standing for the flag during national anthem. Was it wrong and should these men be punished? Absolutely not! Did it show disrespect? Yes!

The Golden Rule

The start of a new school year brings with it new challenges as well as old ones. One of old challenges is a problem that involves all teachers, parents, students across the country. The subject I am talking about is “bullying.”

Modern Day Slavery - Human Trafficking Part 3

This is my third blog about human trafficking (aka sex trafficking) that is not only a local problem, but a worldwide one, as well. I believe it is such a successful illegal business, surpassing even the illegal drug trade, because of our general lack of education on the subject. Secondly, if there weren’t a demand for the product, it wouldn’t be such a money maker.

Modern Day Slavery - Human Trafficking Part 2

Traffickers are people who employ force, fraud, or coercion to victimize others in their desire to make money. These evil people will stop at nothing to demoralize and destroy the life of the victim. By breaking the victim’s ties to his/her former life, the trafficker gains complete control of them. This is sad because these kids, who are often runaways, were in search of a better life and often find themselves trapped circumstances that are far worse than what they were seeking to escape.