David Hollier

One Bullet, Two Lives

Intervening in a fight that included his friend, he tried to pull the friend out of the conflict, but, instead, he was shot in the head. He would later die at a local hospital. That one bullet took two young men’s lives that night.

When Life Throws You a Curveball

Then suddenly, one day you wake up and life throws you a curveball. That’s okay, your cushiony life has room for some blows. Your big house needs a new heating and air system. Ouch, it hurts, but you can handle it. A week later, your wife is involved in an accident while she was out with her girlfriends and, unfortunately, she had been drinking a little.

She had done some research on what kind of cancer her symptoms could match and had settled on ovarian cancer. She had kept up her regular gynecological visits and from what she had read, ovarian cancer could slip by undetected by a regular gynecological exams.

Making Schools Safe

The argument always winds up turning into a gun control debate and nothing gets done to make the schools safer. Shortly after a mass shooting, the arguing dies down and people seem to forget about it until the next school shooting

Human Trafficking Part 4, The Loverboy Method

Young girls are the main target of pimps, although boys can also be targeted, two out of three of the victims are girls. The victims are lured in by all kinds of methods, but 62% of them are lured into their trap with the “lover boy method.”

Letter to My Great-Grandson on Our Birthday

It was July 9, 2017 when you came into this world and your mother, my granddaughter, gave me the best birthday present ever. I came into the world exactly 76 years before you. Although the birthdays are the same, the worlds we were born into are completely different.

Time:  Your Most Important Resource

That leaves 57 hours per week where you make decisions on how to spend your time. That is more time than you spend doing a full-time job. How do you allot your 57 hours per week?

Morning Paper, Coffee, and Murder

I think this is going on because people don’t respect or value life any more. They’ll admire your house, car, phone or purse, but they hold no respect our greatest asset which is the human life.